Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Chip Off The Old Block

It occured to me that I had started a couple knives of my own design... awhile back.  Here they are, on top of gramps shoes.  I may have to make a shadow box just for them...and hang them near his smithwork.  My great grandfather (Alan Robinson) would probably not be supportive of a grandaughter becoming a smith.  Times have changed though.  I, for one, am glad...glad that I was not born, back in those times...his time.  I have benefited from the "womens movement" for sure.  Even had I been born 20 years before I was, it would have been difficult to become a smith.  As it was, I had enough of a hard time not getting pulled down by "christian" attitudes, beliefs, and predjudices for very long.  It doesn't take long for a church to show it's true colors!  I have been so blessed, to not be subjected to all that constant backbiting ridicule that my church experience has taught me.  If I had to be born woman, then thank GOD I wasn't further crippled by a religion that would hinder me and keep me tranquilized.  I never did much like tranquilizers....whether it be in the drug form, or the propaganda form.  I can honor my ancestors, and thank GOD I wasn't born in their time.....can't I?

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