Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ohio Black Walnut


I have to admit a new love...the Ohio Black Walnut wood.  If I can't afford exotic wood, then black walnut will have to do.  My exotic wood was stolen from my truck during my move.  I didn't discover the theft till March 2012.  It has crippled me in that I had planned on using the coca bola and the ebony on future knives.  It is highly unlikely that the theives would know that the pieces of scrap wood in the box were valuable.  They would only be valuable to someone who would use them to make knives and handles for tools.  I hope they felt empty in their theft.  My concentration on Licking County things (art, and art supplies) in terms of art is coming together.  I want to move back to Columbus, but until then, I am exploring anything and everything I can find in my home county that is walnut is just one of those things.  I miss the Columbus cut off bins.  But fate has blessed me in spite of being a victim of theft...I was given a bunch of black walnut from an absolute stranger!  Yesterday, the mailman delivered my black walnut knife scales from eBay.  But before that, a librarain mentoned my knife making to an old woodworker, and he had a stash.  I marvel at the way the universe is always on purpose.  I will be seeking out a real brass nut and bolt which is harder than you might think as all the hardware stores have is brass coated...not solid brass.  So I will be pursuing an antique It seems, as I am not willing to use a substitute.

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