Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Getting The Hang Of It

It is not official yet, but my bead exchange idea has been approved for this library.  I am hoping that this thing can be tweaked.  I am also hoping that after I start this project, that someone else will step in and take it over.  I want to rid myself of beads I am not going to use, to make room for needed art supplies.  The other reason that this may be fun, is that I will most definately meat fellow beaders and artists.  Bartering is a powerful method of exchange...damn near it revolutionary.  WTSHTF bartering will be the new fashion...maybe the only fashion.  I would like to be better at bartering than I am.  It takes practice like anything else.  Lets trade dear readers, fellow artists, and friends.  Right now, I got beads...and I could use some cocobolo as mine got stolen 2 moves ago.  Yesterday, I took a VCR/DVD unit to a friend who didn't have one.  It was like Christmas morning.  I love doing things like that.  And today, I read in freecycle that somebody wants manniquins.  Well who wouldn't?  LOL.  I will keep you posted as the got beads project gets nearer to being scheduled.

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