Friday, September 20, 2013

Going Stag

Recently, I was gifted some deer antler (stag).  I am working night and day on my knives.  This piece won't work for what I have going right now, so I put it on an eBay auction for sale.  I really could use the money, and there will be more antler in my future.  I have given away much of what I have aquired as I don't have the right kind of knife in the works to use it.  I don't like to waste materials, and I don't like materials just sitting around in storage not being eBay is one way of getting the material to the one who is supposed to have it.  I also put one slice of my reconditioned turquoise up for auction on "the bay".  It will make lovely knife spacers someday, and I have plenty.
  My pictures are getting better, even though the shutter still sticks closed.  I was able to get this shot by putting my finger over most of the flash.  I will be coming to the library late Friday (so this is preposted), as I have a customer coming by in the morning.  Christmas gift making is starting early for me this year....thank the goddess.  If you go to my website, there should be a hotlink to my eBay auctions.  I haven't tried this for awhile, so I am not sure how it all still works.  Let me know if it takes you to a dead end.  I will make the necessary changes.

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