Saturday, September 14, 2013

Black Walnut Knife Handles

As of Friday afternoon, I was the high bidder on an eBay aution for some black walnut matching wood pieces.  I will be checking back in the library late Saturday, to finalize my payment, should I win these.  I like to handpick my wood, but in order to find something this nice, I would need to drive to Columbus to the Woodworkers store.  I don't want to do that right now, so this is the trade off.  Hopefully this eBay seller is upfront.  I know how hard it is to sell on eBay, as I used to do it.  The money I made last month doing surveys is headed towards my paypal I should be able to pay for this without too much trouble.  I will probably buy local, from now on, if I possibly can, and I will be going for recycled materials...if I possibly can.

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