Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thunderbird Talisman

I am wearing my Thunderbird talisman this week to gather power and strength for my upcoming court case with Nesley Thomas next Thursday (September 20th).  I think I may have everything ready for court, but I am most concerned with just not liking to go through this process very much.  How easy it would be to just blow it off and let my X landlord continue deceiving her next tenants.  She can't garnish my Social Security check.  She can't take my truck.  Personal possessions are exempt.  She takes a big chance by going to court in that the judge just may not like what he is going to see and hear about her.  She jeopardizes future relations with Franklin County Court by pursuing round two of eviction court.  Most landlords don't risk it.  She also jeopardizes the future actions of her present tenants who may or may not have a problem with how she operates.  They may act totally different when they see she does not have a boot on my throat any longer.  She didn't have any power the minute she broke her word to me!  I wonder if she senses the trap yet?  We are going to court because I made her take me to court!  I told her last May that she would have to take me to court when she busted my kiln after breaking her word.  Hey Nesley it is costly to promise someone something and then not to follow through.  I hope you have learned something from all this.  A lease doesn't protect you once you break verbal agreements.  I hope that the hundreds of dollars you have spent on this is worth it to you.  You know if I lose, you still lose don't you?  You lost a good tenant.  You lost a loyal tenant.  For what?  You think you are impressing Lori Rayburn?  She made fun of you dumb ass.  She mocked you every time we came home from your mothers house when we were vending you mothers possessions.  Every Time.  She hated you for abusing your animals, and if you are thinking that somehow you are helping Lori by taking legal actions against me....you are deluding yourself.  I have seen you delude yourself before.  Remember Mount Vernon?  We had a great laugh over that money suck.  Were you the only one who didn't know that your little sex toy business wouldn't fly on the town square no matter what you called your shop or how much money you threw at the town?  You must have been the only one!  They are probably still laughing up there about how they took your money and you remodeled their building, and then they booted you out the day before your grand opening.  Didn't I tell you that would happen?  What is it Nesley, you can't stand it when somebody else is right?  Blankenship didn't win that one for you either did he?  Guess what, he got paid anyway, just like he is getting paid when he wins or loses in court to me next week.  Hows that self delusion working for you now Nesley?

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