Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Pour House

I met a wonderful woman named Judy Fowler who owns and operates the local ceramic shop.  The Pour House is a delightful place and space that in the future will fire my pottery.  After Nesley busted my kiln last June, I had to make other arrangements.  I didn't get to donate 20 bowls to the empty bowls project last year and have had to keep all clay projects on the back burner.  It is hard to keep a good woman down though, or so the saying goes.  Judy Fowler followed her dream after retirement and possesses that very same spirit that I try to cultivate every day.  Do it now!  The future is made up of all the nows!  By the time this blog is posted, I should be finished with Nesley Thomas once and for all.  She was able to slow me down some, but she was not able to prevent me from creating.  Other projects suffered for my lack of participation...such as the empty bowls project which is a good cause that helps to raise money to feed the homeless each year.  Way to go Nesley.  How many bowls have you ever made and donated to the cause?  I look forward to donating a few bowls this year with designs inspired by my newly discovered genetic links.  I have a project in the works that should be an ongoing money maker that I look forward to blogging about in the future.

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