Sunday, September 23, 2012

Doomer Glasses

I see today that I have another follower to this blog.  Welcome Shawn Anthony, pull up a chair and stay awhile.  It would be real interesting to find out how everyone got to Concha's Cauldron.  I may contact each of you one of these days and try to find out more about you all.  Thank you Gail for your help with my court case.  It has been so good to be able to share this process with someone who has been through it.
  Sometime this weekend I am going to finish this pair of glasses I am remaking for my friend who is being garnished by the IRS.  He can't afford to replace his glasses and I think I can make him a pair that is nicer than the pair he broke.  Originally, he brought them to me to solder them together and I had to tell him that I can't solder plastic.  I can't even glue plastic in most cases!  I am going to use part of a lid that I have left over from the quilt.  I will take what parts I can from his old glasses and make new parts when I need to.  This is going to be an interesting project.  This guy has helped me out so many times over the years that there is no way that I could just leave him hanging with no money in his pocket, and no way to replace these glasses.  The IRS could give a damn about his eyesight, or that they are leaving him without any money.  I stopped to see him on my way to court Thursday and took him some food from the food pantry.  If the power grid goes down in the future, it may be hard to get things like a pair of glasses.  This is why I call them doomer glasses.  My projection is that they will be a lot nicer than the plastic piece of crap from China that he broke in the first place.  I bet he paid a hundred dollars or more for these.  They are junk, he is a mechanic and deserves a durable pair of glasses.  OK...back to my studio.

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