Thursday, September 13, 2012

Grant Writing Station

 Yesterday, while I was rewriting my summary for court next Thursday I discovered a whole area in the library designated and set up for grant writing.  I confess I have not had the heart to write a grant since the last one I wrote to move my studio to Nesley's flood zone.  I plan on getting back to that sort of thing as soon as I am finished exposing her in court next Thursday.
While I was circling around this area to get the best picture, I was approached by a very enthusiastic librarian who introduced me to another librarian who both specialize in grant writing, and I suspect responsible for the beautiful area just waiting for me after September 20th.  I am so lucky to have just the right people step up and introduce themselves at just the right time.  I can tell that this is going to be one of my office spaces in the near future and I have every confidence that I will get a grant in the near future with their help and resources.
Today I met a woman who is involved in The Heart Of Ohio Quilt Guild.  I am going to be a busy woman this winter you can be sure!

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