Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Back Burner

Last May (2011), my friend Brenda T. sent me a deposit for a pendant.  She wanted an old fashioned key pendant with her initials.  My idea was the drawing on the top left, and her idea was the one next to it on the right  (the pieces on the bottom are in silver and are not quite together yet).  Yesterday, her pendant started coming together, and I should have it done by this afternoon.  I am hoping to see her at Hot Times on Sunday and show it to her finished or unfinished.  Regretfully, I only see Brenda once or twice a year and I want her to know I have not forgotten about her or her project.  She had specifically requested that I not put any negative energy into the piece which has been more difficult than you might think given the circumstances since last spring.
I also started to make a pair of glasses for a friend who is being garnished by the IRS and can not replace his broken glasses.  I had always planned on writing a grant to take Deb Stoner's workshop called "Making A Spectacle", but given my legal circumstances for over a year and the displacement of my studio has delayed that till a future time.  In the meantime, my friend needs a pair of glasses, and I just may have the left over scrap metal to make him a pair to get him through the 18 months of wage garnishment ahead of him.  I am seeking out old pairs of glasses for the hinges and such, but if I can't get a hold of any then I am confident I can make the hinges from scratch.
 I will also be replacing the feathers that I have sold the last few months in anticipation of the upcoming holiday season.  The picture here shows the ones I cut out and soldered together yesterday in the order that I plan to put them on the beaded necklace.  If all goes as planned today, I should be able to wear them to Hot Times tomorrow.  The metal quilt is one square from being finished and I am looking for a solid color (turquoise) to finish.  A metal white drawing board was donated by Stephany S.  I will be using it in future metal quilt pieces with metal strips temporarily glued to the backs.  It is my hope to be able to sell some individual squares, and some groupings in the near future as I assemble my own metal quilt.  I have a lot of left over material that is just too good and too colorful to throw away which has led me to other future projects like the recycle signs made out of 100% recycled materials.  Keep me in mind dearest readers for the upcoming holiday season.  I love to make gifts for people to give as gifts.  You can be sure that everything I make is USA made in America!

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