Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I started reconfiguring the metal quilt squares in order to figure out what the final pieces need to be.  It is sort of like working the rubic cube backwards.  Aunt Sue has a Hershey's tin for me that I hope to get in time to finish.  If it doesn't get here in time, there will be a place for it in the next one.
I have also nearly resolved my issue with the AEP.  They informed me that I use less than $20 of power a month, which is a relief.  I found a breaker on my electric box that is for another part of the building that I do not have access to.  I may have some money coming to me in the near future for 6 months of power to that part of the building.  My bill has to be reconfigured in order for me to know how much I need to pay.  When I lived with Lori, I turned a $90 power bill into $19, and the power company sent me several months of $0.00 bills.  I have every confidence that this will  be something like that.  It also turns out that the power company may owe my landlord hundreds of dollars for services that she has paid for and just trusted that she was getting.  I may get a few dollars, but she may get hundreds!  It's all good!  Up till now though, I have been punished for my power of observation.  Everybody just wants to trust that all these nickle and dime charges on all of our power bills are accurate and correct, and that their equipment is flawless.  We all know that equipment has to be maintained and serviced from time to time.  We all know that eventually even the best equipment needs maintenance and repair.  We all know that just because we paid for something and it was expensive, does not guarantee that it works properly.  All this is to be discovered and perhaps someone will give me a pat on the shoulder for being observant and watching their back.  I should mention that Nesley Thomas is harassing me through LinkedIn less than 15 days before we go to trial.  At the pretrial, she and Jean followed me from the courthouse and blocked my truck from leaving the parking lot.  Games, games, games girls...your day of reckoning approaches, and I for one look forward to exposing your unethical and unlawful practices.  Leave me alone, I will not connect with you on LinkedIn, Facebook, or any social media.  Keep it up and you just may find yourself the defendant in court with a leg bracelet connecting you to the police department...which is what you tried and failed to do to me last September.  I still have all that paperwork girls, and you just might find the tables turned on you if you keep it up.  Get out of my light!

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