Friday, September 21, 2012

Hopewell Bead Necklace

I have been working on a new design to go with my Native American theme.  Above my array of feathers is the newly created Hopewell symbol that was excavated near Cincinnati several thousand years ago and is used each year in some form as part of the Comfest logo.  The beaded necklace contains the 4 colors for the 4 races represented in the symbol.  This may be another item that I can put in our local gift shops as both the Adena and the Hopewell are part of local lore.
Post Script
Yesterday I went to court and wore my feathers and the new Hopewell symbol as well as my Thunderbird.  I had carefully prepared for trial and in anticipation of setting off the electronic metal detectors I removed the change from my pocket and made sure I would not have anything on my person that would delay me from my day in court.  This was the very first time in my life that I had walked through the electronic door without setting off alarms.  But even though I was metal free, I got halted by a police officer that pointed to my chest and said "what about that"?  I thought I was going to be searched and detained and began removing my jewelry.  I misinterpreted his question.  What he wanted to know was what the Hopewell symbol meant.  I was relieved and delighted to explain what I knew about the symbol and I felt empowered as I continued on my journey to the courtroom.
I do not know all the details about why my trial was delayed.  I was there, the plaintiff and her attorney was there but there was a problem with another jury trial and we were whisked into a backroom where the Judge made an apology to us, and that the trial would need to be rescheduled to a later date.  Once again the plaintiff's attorney tried to get the judge to do a summary judgement.  If you recall this tactic was tried somewhat successfully in May when the plaintiffs attorney requested a continuance and summary judgement.  I had called the court and the attorney to find out about the continuance the day before the scheduled trial.  The continuance had been granted so I was very surprised to find out a month later that they had went ahead and circumvented the trial by summary judgement.  Summary Judgement is not defined in any of the 4 law books in Licking County.  I found out what it was by looking it up on Wikipedia.  It is a process of avoiding a trial altogether and usually requested by a defendant.  So dear readers...I smell blood in the water.  The Judge told Mr. Blankenship that indeed he could request a summary judgement but that he was not likely to grant it as my counterclaim had enough teeth that my evidence would be heard.  Like my buddy Eve said "they don't have a case" they know they don't have a case.  The only way they can win at this point is if I don't show up in court, and if my evidence is not entered.  I don't think at this point they can even withdraw from having a trial as I filed a counterclaim!  Even though I don't like to think about legal matters I am going to have to continue thinking about them at least until November 15th, the day we are scheduled to go to trial.  I was prepared yesterday to go to trial and even was ready to submit my evidence.  Mr. Blankenship has yet to ask me for my discovery materials.  It is not hard to guess why at this point.  His client acted unlawfully before, during, and after eviction.  He doesn't want the judge to know that, and it would be unethical for him to withold that evidence.  So his tactic is to get this shoved under the rug so that the plaintiff doesn't have to be accountable for her actions.  I expect more trickery and treachery in the next couple months as we prepare for trial.  I am thinking about making a T-shirt that says I'd rather be doing art.  That is certainly how I feel and have felt.  I will not let somebody shit on me and then just walk away.  I had to do that growing up and be damned if I will let someone get away with it when I am an adult.  I am going to take the next few days and finish my metal quilt and make another Hopewell symbol as I have sold the first one, even before I wore it to court.  That is a pretty nice return...make something on Monday and sell it by Tuesday afternoon.  The whole day yesterday was pretty spectacular.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  The temperature was perfect.  On my way to retrieve the money for the symbol, I stopped by Werkhaven and scrapped some silver and picked up some findings  for ear rings, and necklaces.  Werkhaven is a wonderful place and the folks there have always treated me with the respect that I deserve.  Yesterday, they fronted me an 18 gauge piece of copper that I am going to use to make bracelets and more Hopewell symbols.  In effect they are loaning me the copper for 10 days till I get my social security check.  I drove home on cloud nine, and this afternoon you can find me happily creating things in my studio.  It has been costly...the process of getting my studio to safety and set up the way it needs to be set up.  I feel like I am in a church when I am in there.  So if I had to get away from some bad guys and girls in order to get where I has been worth it.  Thank you dear readers for all your support.  It has been my lifeblood!

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