Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Waste Of Time

I dropped by the local Legal Aid office today.  They were predictably unhelpful as I expected.  The last time Nesley and I went to court (February 2012) her attorney tried to convince me that Nesley wanted to "negotiate" with me.  I asked him if she was willing to give me my furniture back, and he returned and told me she didn't have my furniture. 

My furniture is still in the house I rented from her, the amount she is suing me for is already in collections.  I really don't see that there is much to negotiate.  She is not fooling me, and I don't think she is going to be able to fool a judge either.  I will continue compiling my documents for the upcoming case May 3rd.  Nesley stands to lose several thousand more dollars if she loses.  Since this matter has already been turned over to collections and since I am basically judgement proof, it is unlikely that she will be able to collect one cent.  I look forward to exposing her for the slumlord that she is and laying the groundwork for her future tenants to pursue her legally.  Just a few more days Nesley...and you and I can finish our business. 

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