Thursday, April 5, 2012

Metal Pieces For The Quilt

I started gathering the metal pieces that I will use for the metal quilt today.  These are my rainy day pieces of metal that I have collected for years not knowing what I might use them for.  Since the last two moves I have almost lost everything, it seems too risky to save anything for rainy days.  So I am going all out!  I will use every resource I have, and can obtain, and work as quickly as I can to finish all that is on the bench.  I haven't cut up any pop or beer cans for this project yet.  There will be color, and there will be pattern, and texture.  I am seriously looking at tins at the thrift store as they are colorful and the lids are already flat.  I am sorry for the delay on this project.  There have been some people in my life that choose to be light traps.  I can't work under those conditions, and I can't just let them shit on me and think they can get on down the road.  Hopefully when I have finished with the dirty work of putting out the trash, I will be totally free to enjoy the process of creation.  But working a little bit each day on metal work, and putting together my court case for a little while might just be the balance that I need to get both projects done.  I trust that my readership is out there enjoying this spring as I am doing and getting down to the business of living.  Every day I find another reason to feel grateful.  

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