Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bread Crumb Trail

Yesterday, an hour after I signed off the library computer, my FACEBOOK account was hacked.  I haven't seen the wall posting as of yet, but I understand that someone (probably my meth head sister) posted that I don't have any friends, have a gun, and am going to kill myself.  This resulted in the police showing up at my door and inquiring about my mental health.  Had I not had two old friends visiting me when the police arrived I might be locked up in the nearest mental health facility instead of blogging this morning.
I was able to produce a slip of paper from the library with the date and time of day I left and my oldest of the two friends with me vouched that he had never known me to be suicidal.  So dear reader this is the third time since last September that my enemies have tried to have me detained and hassled by the police.  Each and every time without exception this tactic has backfired!  One of these times the police are going to get tired of being manipulated and come after the very people who are trying to harm me.  I can imagine them seizing my sisters computer, cell phone records, and possibly arresting her for her involvement in the manufacturing and distribution of crystal meth, and the counterfeiting operation that may involve her computer.  I have never logged into my FACEBOOK account on anyone elses computer except my sisters so it is very likely she is leaving a bread crumb trail right to her house, her computer, her phone.  Meth heads lack critical thinking skills and possibly do not realize how intricately involved homeland security is linked into FACEBOOK.  These dumb asses don't realize they are doing all the heavy work for the cops by posting anything remotely criminal on FACEBOOK.  I am going to keep my FACEBOOK account for now dear reader in hopes that the local cyber crimes department decide they are going to follow some of the bread crumbs left by the meth heads and incarcerate the guilty.  They asked me who I might know who would hack my FACEBOOK account and I told them my sister's name, and what she did on February 17th.  So now a 4th police department knows the story of how Raquel acted as if she were going to execute the orange cat, I stopped her, she called 911 claiming domestic violence, and put 2 rifles and drug paraphernalia in my truck.  If the local police decide to check out my story with the Coshocton, Frazeysburg, or Muskingham County police then the FACEBOOK hack job will likely blow up in their face.  Run little meth heads, your schemes are not working on the cops and if you annoy them too much they will come after you and darken your day.  Go ahead...keep leaving an electronic bread crumb trail to your door.  The sooner the better.  One thing is for certain, I won't quit exposing you just because you are giving me grief.  In fact, you are just making me more resolute.  You are just pissing me off, and exposing yourselves in the process.  Don't forget,  counterfeiting money is a federal offense and you can bet the feds are involved in your little escapade by now.  So smoke em if you got em this weekend girls and boys because by next weekend the cops may have done their link analysis (your electronic trail) and your little operation exposed and disposed of. 

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