Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Another Interesting Book

I used to work in the library at OSU back in the 1970's and 80's.  It was a great job for a student and while I was there I met Dan Fleming who was the reference librarian at the time.  Dan and I have remained friends over the years and he recently edited and compiled a book about the role of Licking County in the Civil War called Shall Licking County Raise A Regiment?, available at Amazon.  He is always working on interesting projects and it is somewhat hard to keep up with him.  I picked up the book this week and am anxious to look at it in depth.  It was Dan who recommended the book on the drummer boys from the same era that had a lot of information on my ancestor Robert Henry Hendershot.  I am most interested in picking up where I left off with the genealogy project that my Grandmother Joy Patton Dove lovingly began in the 1970's before the internet.  I think I can take it even further than she did and that she would be proud of me for trying.  My genealogy file was packed away in a box in my storage shed since last October and I didn't find it till a few days ago.  I spoke with Dan on November 1st about the difficulties my family was having with the Frazeysburg Crystal Meth ring.  I am sure he remembers the conversation well.  And if the police are thorough enough to ask him about that conversation I am confident he will tell them what I told him that day and on the days I spoke with him since then.  I certainly gave Dan as a reference of someone who knows me (for 30 years) and knows what I was walking into last November.  If I were not grounded by people like Dan who are not drug addicts, that do have a intellectual life, are credible sources of information then I would be lost!  I am proud of Dan and his achievements and he inspires me today as much as he did when I first met him in College.

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