Sunday, April 8, 2012


Jesus Christ (according to Christian doctrine) died for my sins.  The way it was explained to me in allegory is that in a prison full of murderers and thieves this one guy who was blameless raised up his hand and volunteered to be punished for the guilty (everyone else).
Because I am a witch I don't put much stock in Christian doctrine.  However, I do understand that the act of forgiveness is beyond me as a human being.  When I think about the situation with my sister and her deception that nearly resulted in my losing my freedom, my possessions scattered to the winds, and my cat helplessly abandoned: I know it is not humanly possible for me to forgive her.  I know that someday she will want to be forgiven.  For this reason I believe Jesus Christ may be her only salvation.  She certainly will get no salvation or forgiveness from me...that is unless of course the supernatural happens.  Anyway, yesterday I was talking with two friends about Easter and the relevance of the holiday.  We were not able to come up with anything new or innovative...why we color eggs, and the importance of the Easter Bunny.  We laughed alot, but I knew my Christian friend who was with us was probably appalled as Easter for her is like the hinge of Christianity.  She said nothing as my other friend and I made our little jokes.  She probably prayed for both of us and wondered if we knew the story and the relevance.   Christ actually died on the cross, was buried, and then came back on Easter the story goes.  I know it.  I believe most of it.  I even understand how come it matters.  And lately I wake up in the middle of the night and wonder about what will happen between my sister and me.
I may not be around to witness my sisters recovery, realizations, and attempts to make amends.  It could be years off.  I would like to think that this "supernatural" being that came before us, can do for her what I can not.  This weekend I hope she is entertaining my nieces, instead of chasing the ghost (hitting the meth pipe).  I certainly tried my best this week to make sure her friends would be high tailing it away from her for fear of their own incarceration.  I feel like Etta James "I feel like breaking up somebody's home.  Remember little meth heads (Christian meth heads particularly).  Jesus said he didn't come here for peace.  He came with a sword to divide mother, daughter, father, son...sister and sister...if you catch my drift.  So no matter how I look at this weekend: through the eye of a witch, or the knowledge of Christianity, it will be a very supernatural weekend without regard to your belief system.    

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