Saturday, April 28, 2012

Selling Antiques And Heirlooms

I will be selling some of my antiques this month as I won't be leaving them as inheritance to my sister as I had planned to do before our unfortunate falling out February 17th.  This piece was her favorite and I had planned on giving it to her in my will.  She tried to have me arrested February 17th when I objected to the shooting of her neighbors cat.  I may as well sell off my antiques and use the money while I am alive and free, as opposed to leaving them to meth heads, thieves, and an unsupportive family.  This piece is "Ideal Smoking Stand", Patented September 7, 1926, Manufactured by the Metal Stampings Corp, Streator, IL, USA.  It is also a humidor.  It belonged to my great grandparents on my fathers side of the family Gary and Helen Patton.  I will be offering it to local antique shops this week and selling it to the highest bidder.  If she wants it she can pay an antique dealer to get it back if she can even find it after this month!  Antique dealers are almost as ruthless as drug she will be paying quite a bit more for it. She will have to sell a lot of meth and a lot of pills to obtain this piece.  Such a shame, and such a waste. If anyone is interested in purchasing this piece please contact me through my email that you can get through google and this blog if you don't already have it.  I will be glad to supply pictures upon request as this photo is a photo of one that has already been sold that is just like it. 

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