Monday, April 9, 2012

Flash Drive

I had to purchase a flash drive in order to work from the library using pictures and bookmarks from my home computer.  I am not going to get the Internet at home until I can pay back my friends that helped me and Syd with our motel tab and survival.  I limit myself to one hour a day online and I try to blog and answer my email in that hour.  There is little or no time for Facebook, but I am finding that I am getting a lot of other work done and of course saving money.  I always knew it was possible to do everything I wanted from the library in terms of the computer.  I just didn't have many good teachers to help me learn what I needed to learn.  Hopefully as I learn the ropes about flash drives and such, my blogs will improve.  I am also using the methods to compile my upcoming small claims court case.  Pictures, documents, emails, receipts all must be put into exhibits if I am to have a chance at my counterclaim against my previous landlord.   This week I am busy snapping pictures of the damaged and ruined tools that have been safely stored in my storage shed since October.  It is heartbreaking to open a box and see a rusted ruined tool that I had taken care of and cherished.  That house on Paul Drive is certainly cursed.  I think of the new tenants each time it rains and I wonder if they know that Nesley has swindled them yet!  Anyway....hurray for flash drives and getting away from people who would do harm to me and my cats.  God Damn You Nesley Thomas.  I will personally take you by the hand and walk you into the gates of hell.

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