Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Friday The 13th

It seems like I always have great luck on all Friday the 13ths.  I am so glad I am not afraid of the day or the number.  My friend Aunt Sue sent me the word for the fear of Friday the 13th which is paraskevidekatriaphobia.  I found a photo of my Ancestor Robert Henry Hendershotts grave marker today.  I can not tell where he is buried by this link but it is just a matter of time till I find it.  I see he has two t's on his gravestone.  I have seen it spelled both ways.  All the Hendershots in America are related according to FACEBOOK (the new authority on everything).  I am going to take a guess and say his grave is probably located in Jackson Michigan.  I have a friend who lives near there that may help me find him for certain.  I read a book this month about the drummer boys from the civil war called Too Young To Die by Dennis M. Keesee who lives in New Albany Ohio.  There are several pages about Robert Henry in the book and I look forward to finding out even more.  Perhaps Mr. Keesee can help me find out even more information on this colorful ancestor!  I have been most curious about his drum that was reported to be shot and destroyed while he was crossing the Rappahannock clinging to the boat.  Later in his life he was given a silver drum to replace that one, and I would like to track that drum down if I can.  Hopefully it would be safe in a museum somewhere in spite of the controversy surrounding the tales.  Happy Friday The 13th dear readers.  I wish you luck in all your endeavors today.

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Gail said...

Go to and put in his name, it searchs cemeteries to find where it is. Genealogy research has become more familiar to me, maybe I can help next time I see you.