Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dead Horse Picture

I confess that I don't know alot about computers...the software...the hardware...the anyware.  It is not fun for me, other than writing this blog.  I have to go to court May 3rd for my counterclaim from last September.  It has been a tedious process.  I have much evidence and many pictures that I want to show the judge before he makes his ruling.  I had spent the winter getting this altogether and putting it on my flash drive, only to have it stolen out of my room one of the few times I left my sisters house.  So this weekend I will be recompiling my evidence and pictures so I can make my case in court in a few days.  I have a new flash drive, and all my it should be a snap right?  You would think so.  Of course I would rather be silversmithing and decorating my new home.  Sometimes we have to prioritize and put more important projects on the front burner.  Most people wouldn't even show up for the second part of an eviction case, but I feel duty bound to see this through till the end, whatever that may be.  The matter has already been turned in to collections BEFORE TRIAL!  You have to wonder how that could be...I know I do, and I think the Judge may find that interesting.  Thank you everyone for all your help with my computer, flash drive education, and overall support.  It has been like "pulling teeth"...or "beating a dead horse" as my father used to say.  I look forward to erasing everything on my flash drive after May 3rd and using it for more creative endeavors.

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