Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What Have You Done For Your Land Base This Week?

I participate in a forum that is about activism. One of the topics asks the question What Have You Done For Your Land Base This Week? Most of the time I stick to basics like feeding the semi feral cats, wild birds, and squirrels. Today I decided that I needed to pick up the trash that has accumulated in the woods across the street since November when I spent the day cleaning it up. After about 45 minutes my troublesome neighbor decided that he was going to confront me and give me a hard time. He said I was trespassing on private property and stealing and that he was calling the police. I didn't even look at him. I just kept picking up broken bottles, styrofoam plates, Frito bags, and Wendy's cups and straws. The outside cats all followed me. I must have been quite the sight. I was dressed in camo and wielding a trash spear with 5 cat guardians accompanying me. The police never arrived, and the trash was picked up. I wondered though if I was going to get arrested or fined for littering or some twisted fabricated crime.

In the the mid 1980's I went to the ocean every Sunday and picked up trash at Pemaquid Point. It was during those times I felt the closest to my Creator. Pemaquid Light House is the most photographed spot in the country they say. But I couldn't get a single shot that didn't have trash in the picture even though I was lugging one of the best cameras in the world. The God of my expanding understanding said "What Are You Gonna Do About It?". I consider it a holy sacred ritual to pick up trash. It always makes me feel better when I do.

Please consider donating to Stubby's surgery. The button is on the top right corner of this blog. I have an appointment for him March 31st. But if I don't raise the money he is just gonna have to live with a broken canine. I think it hurts him a bit.

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