Monday, March 21, 2011

Treating Ear Mites

When I dropped Stubby off at SOS, I authorized a rabies shot for an additional $6. They called me when he was waking up and told me he had ear mites. I did not authorize an ear mite injection as I reasoned that if Stubby had ear mites all the cats who interact with him have them. I don't throw money away, particularly money that has been generously donated. I am hoping to medicate all of them as I can catch them and using mineral oil in the syringe that I use to administer Stubby's antibiotic for his eye infection. He was pretty infected and infested when i took him in. Today he is noticeably better. I won't say he likes his antibiotic or the ritual we go through for me to get it into him; but he hangs out now all day long and accompanies me wherever I go. We have bonded. I am still hoping to raise the money to get his broken off canine extracted. Please donated to Stubby's Surgery located at the top right of this blog. Thank you in behalf of all the kitties who live outside here. I will be trying to score some Frontline soon. My neighbor Mayda gives the outside cats garlic, so fleas might not be an issue this year, but I want to be prepared. Syd will certainly get them and bring them into the house. It is just something that happens in the cycle of a cats life.

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Sue's News said...

Did you see about ear mites on "GRANDMA'S CURES"? That's what Mother always did!