Sunday, March 20, 2011

Stubby's Broken Tooth

I am leaving the donation button up for Stubby's operation even though his neutering is taken care of and he is healing up nicely. The first Veterinarian to look at Stubby, would not perform the operation because she found a broken off canine and she thought it best to only anesthetize him once and get both his neutering and tooth extraction done at the same time. Of course the spay and neuter clinic didn't do dental, and I didn't have the additional funds to take him anywhere else that day so I had to bring him home and release him till I could find someone who would do the neuter without the tooth extraction which I did delaying everything a week.
This is not a picture of Stubby's broken off canine. I could not hold his mouth open and snap a picture for you. This is pretty close to what his broken off tooth looks like though. Notice you can see the root? I have noticed that he doesn't join in to eat the crunchy cat food with all the rest of the cats in the morning, but rather he hangs back till they are finished eating. I think it might hurt him a little, although Stubby never complains. I have been trying to give him some soft chicken donated by Frijolito Farm whenever I can. I have some antibiotic that SOS donated to his cause for his eye infection. He also has ear mites that I will be trying to treat with mineral oil as soon as he gets his antibiotic treatments out of the way and I can get the right treatment. I believe I should treat all the cats for ear mites, rather than just Stubby.
Thank you for your generous donations of cat food this week and for your donations for his neuter. I don't guess I will have to buy cat food till Summer. I still have an appointment for Stubby for March 31st with I was shy $78, so I had to go with SOS for his neuter. If I can raise the additional funds for Stubby, I will go ahead and use the appointment. So please if you can, use the donate button at the right top area of this blog to help Stubby get back to purrfect health. Please note that the $78 was for the dental extraction but it was minus the fee for anesthetizing him as they were going to do the neuter at the same time. I believe I need to raise $96 for him as they will need to add anesthesia into his bill. I will call them tomorrow morning and find out the exact cost. I have almost 2 weeks to raise the funds. Please help if you can.

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