Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stubby Has His First $10

Stubby has $10 towards his tooth extraction that is scheduled for March 31st. His health is improving. Many thanks to SOS who donated the antibiotic for his eye infection. The infection is nearly gone. Thank you to everyone who helped get him neutered and his rabies shot. If I don't raise the rest of the money by the 30th I will cancel his appointment with the intention of scheduling it at a later date. If I raise more than his surgery costs, I will purchase Frontline in anticipation of flea season. I would also be looking for any cat grooming supplies that you may have around that are not being used. There are a couple of cats that have shown up recently that need grooming if I can get a hold of them. If I start grooming my semi feral cats, they will be more likely to let me treat them for ear mites. The donate button is at the top right hand corner of this blog. Please give what you can.

Note Stubby posed for this photo a few days ago when I picked up trash in the woods. He likes to follow me wherever I go. So my doctoring him must not be too bad!

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