Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stubby's Healthcare Fund

Stubby is scheduled with rascalunit.com to have his broken off canine extracted on March 31st. I have $10 towards that operation and a call into rascalunit to get a clearer idea of the total. On their webpage they leave it to after an exam the cost will be determined. They had quoted me a price prior to his neuter that was counting the anesthesia from his neutering. He will need to be anesthetized again as I could not raise the additional $78 at the time. If I can't raise the money then I will have to cancel till a later date. Even though Stubby in neutered, he feels that he must guard his territory as shown here running off the newest stray. Please donate if you can. The donate button is at the right hand top corner of this blog.
Update: I just got a phone call from Rascalunit and his surgery with anesthesia is gonna be $35. I have 2 $10 donations already and so I only need $15. Can anybody cover the rest? I won't have my monthly check till the 1st, so I won't be able to cover the difference in time for his appointment. Please help if you can. And thank you everyone who has helped out so far!
Update 2: Stubby just got a $20 donation that gives him the funds he needs for his tooth extraction. Thank you everyone who has helped out.

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