Friday, March 11, 2011

Pure Oil

My Great Grandfather Ernest McKee, worked for Pure Oil Company, and my living Grandmother can remember when there was an oil well in every back yard in our little town Perryton Ohio. Her Grandfather Alan Robinson, was a blacksmith before that. I grew up in the same town. Our garage was a multipurpose building that contained 2 carriage bays (converted to car bays) as well as a wash house (used for summer canning). Across the driveway was a gas station/country store. So much has changed since the happy motoring days. This is a post card that is not our home in Perryton. But it is very similar to the full service gas stations that speckled the American landscape during the 50's and 60's. Gas station attendants not only pumped your gas, but also wiped your windshield and checked the oil! If gasoline prices continue to rise, perhaps blacksmithing will become important again, as instead of changing tires, horseshoes will be thrown in the mix. My Grandmother has seen a lot of change in her 93 years on the planet. She lost all her money in the bank during the stock market crash. She also lost all her money to a shyster banker that absconded with the whole nearby town's money. She tells her stories. I listen. I think there is nothing new that the scammers can come up with to make folks part with their money. The only thing they have to their advantage is that most people forget and history is revised.
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