Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stubby's Recovery

Stubby is back home now and recovering from his operation. The Vet's at SOS gave him a free 3 week dose (twice a day) of antibiotic for his eye infection. They wanted to treat him for ear mites at additional cost. I declined as I determined that if he has ear mites all of the rest of the outside cats have them as well. So a friend of mine (who I gave my copy of The Natural Cat) is bringing that to me as she has no cats at the moment; and I apparently have many! I remember that Anitra Frazier has a remedy in The Natural Cat about ear mites. Flea season is coming. I am going to leave the donation button up for Stubby and the rest of the outside cats. I need to fund his dental problem and I will need to address this ear mite situation. As always I am open to ideas that would be financially feasible. I took this photo of Stubby after his release from the undersized crate that he was confined in. They had wanted me to keep him confined for another 12 hours as he might be under the influence. They wanted me to keep him indoors which would have exposed my indoor cat to his contagion. Syd doesn't have ear mites yet, or an eye infection. I just couldn't do it. I set Stubby free the minute we got home from his operation. He immediately took up residence by the food bowl. You can see his bobbed tail in this photo. He got some stewed chicken not pictured here! He is recovering and I am going to get some help in administering his antibiotic for his eye problem tomorrow as my injured hand can not operate a syringe.

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