Sunday, March 13, 2011

Taiko Drumming About Tsunami

Perhaps there should be a song dedicated to a nuclear meltdown in addition to the taiko songs about tsunami waves. I heard this group called Taiko Dojo this morning on NPR. I learned part of a song about Tsunami from Eric Paton at Capital University a few years ago. This is a version of it. Certainly even though it was written for entertainment purposes, you can hear the urgency and warning in the composition. There was only 10 minutes between the earthquake and the tsunami on Thursday. Taiko drummers probably didn't have a chance to even get to their drums or their sticks. This art form was brought here in the 1950's from Korea. But it originates not as entertainment...but as warning for wars, big waves...and big quakes. If any of those reactor cores melt down it will be a very sad thing for all living creatures.

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