Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stubby's Adventure

I should mention that the Vet could not do the surgery yesterday as she does not do dental extractions at the spay and neuter clinic.

Stubby's Medical Fund

A big Thank You to all who helped raise funds for Stubby's neutering! You raised $58.39!
On March 9th, Stubby went to the Dr. and it turns out that he has a broken canine tooth. The Dr recommends he have it pulled at the same time he is anesthetized for his neutering. The tooth pulling will be an additional $78. So we are putting the button back up. Please give just a bit more to help Stubby with his medical care. Stubby's progress will be posted here and on Concha's Blog.
Thank You.

More About Stubby

Stubby is a friendly semi-feral male cat that lives in our neighborhood. Stubby showed up one day in 2010. He got his name due to his tail being only half as long as the typical cat's. In spite of his shortcomings, Stubby still thinks himself quite the ladies man. He has been getting in tussles with other cats in the neighborhood and getting beaten up by bigger rivals.

There are lots of causes, but here is one where you can see results. For a few bucks, you will contribute to preventing cat over-population in Columbus, and helping Stubby live a longer life. Stubby's progress will be posted here and on Concha's Blog.

Stubby the Cat

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