Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Yellow Brick Pizza

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I met a couple friends at Yellow Brick Pizza last night in Old Town East. Their pizza is the best (hands down) in Columbus. But what is really exciting to me is the location. This business has been a phoenix rising from the ashes of collapse. The building itself was an eyesore in the sense of it falling into disrepair. By James Howard Kunstlers standards, this building is worthy of restoration. This is what we should be doing with what is already built, instead of demolishing something built well in favor of the newest Starchetects glass box and parking lot idea. You can read about the resurrection of Yellow Brick here. I played drums with Wahru on Easter Sunday for her birthday party at Yellow Brick and the acoustics are great for music...even 20 drummers! They are also changing the artwork frequently from what I can gather. Yellow Brick Pizza is located at 892 Oak Street. I highly recommend The Big O if you like a pizza with lots of fresh ingredients. Click here for their website with the menu.

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