Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ohio Photographer

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Occasionally I am surprised to learn about someone famous who attended Ohio State University. I graduated from OSU in 1984 and minored in photography. This is a photo of Bernice Abbot. She was born in Springfield Ohio, attended Ohio State but left in 1918 and moved to Greenwich Village New York. In 1923 she was hired as a darkroom assistant by Mann Ray who wanted someone who didn't know anything about photography! She claims she took to photography "like a duck to water" From there went on to become a photographer in her own right. Here is the Wikipedia link.
I look forward to learning more about her and seeing more of her photographs. This photo of Bernice was taken by Hank ONeil in November 1979.

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Sue's News said...

That looks like it could have been taken by Diane Arbus!