Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gerard Martin Painting

Blogroll Me!I follow a blog from the Unrepentant Cowboy (Don Henry Ford), a real deal cowboy who lives and works on a ranch in Texas. His observations are spot on. I found this discussion starter this morning on LATOC forum. The painting is by Gerard Martin. I found it when I was looking for an image to go with what Unrepentant Cowboy is writing about.

"Yesterday I spoke with Daniel Pace, the current owner of a movie option for Contrabando. Daniel lives in Phoenix, Arizona. His wife is a realtor.

Daniel told me that quite a few Mexicans are leaving the state, walking away from homes and the mortgages attached to them. Whole apartment complexes are emptying. Jobs are being abandoned and are not being filled by new "American" workers. How many people you know aspire to be a lettuce picker?

I suspect this may be interesting to watch over the next couple of years."


Sue's News said...

I enjoy the painting; I'd like to see more; reminds me of Diego Rivera

J. Wolfe said...

this is such a touchy subject for me. i am ashamed to say that i live in arizona. you were right, i am very much like my mom, and human rights are a passion we both share. i have been working in the restaurant industry since i arrived here, and several of the people i have worked with have moved out of state, or back to mexico. these are beautiful people, with good hearts and strong work ethic, not to mention a sense of family that most americans could learn from. the whole situation is sad.