Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Road

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I have been on a waiting list to see The Road for a few months at Columbus Metropolitan Library for several months. It is a highly recommended movie at LATOC a Peak Oil Forum I have been reading since 2007. My number finally came up the other day and I finally got to watch this 5 star movie. Most of the movie is in sepia tones, until there is blood or fire. When they finally make it to the coast and the ocean, everything is still very gray and muted tones. No beautiful scenery in this movie, except when they are conveying memory of post disaster scenes. A member of the LATOC forum is a paramedic in New Orleans and he was on location for much of the shooting of The Road post Katrina. Not only did they use New Orleans as a backdrop for this disaster film, but also Detroit Michigan. I recommend this movie for folks that are trying to prepare for the worst case scenario in a post petroleum world. And hey if this latest cap that BP is putting on the gulf spill doesn't work, well Hollywood will be able to use the ruined beaches for the sequel.

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