Monday, July 12, 2010

Facebook Connections

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I have been seriously blessed in finding many of my old friends and acquaintances on Facebook. Because I ran away from home when I was still a teenager, I lost touch with many people that I might have stayed in touch with had I been able to grow up and leave home in a less hectic manner. I hear lots of talk out there about folks hating facebook for one reason or another. My life as an artist can not be described. It is a way of sharing what I do and what I am going to do next. There would be no other way for anyone to find me other than hire a private detective. Some of my friends have passed away, and I would not have known, had it not been for Facebook. I do not participate in things like Farmville or online games. If you are one of those friends that have recently found me through Facebook please do not be offended if I do not respond to what you might perceive as harmless polls. It is just not my thing. If you want to contact me to make you a piece of jewelry that you see pictures of in my photos or share something that you have made or are working on, Facebook is the portal. Unfortunately, the people that I care about most and wish to stay in touch with, are not on Facebook yet. It is hard to imagine that there is someone out there that doesn't need social networking, but there is. There are also folks who fear their personal information will be compromised. Until they figure out what a blessing Facebook can be, then they are just going to see us as narcissistic, with far too much time on our hands.

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