Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mystery Science Theater Photoshop

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The story broke yesterday that BP photoshoped their command center and put it up on their site. It was a really poorly edited photo...not very professional. A blogger spotted it! Here is the link. I found out about the deception from a discussion forum I follow called Life After The Oil Crash. Occasionally someone has a sense of humor on the forum. They posted a reply to the story and boasted that this picture was the real unedited picture that was up on BP's sight at the moment. Now if you haven't ever seen Mystery Science Theater then you won't get the humor of this shot. I nearly missed it myself. The cleaver poster photoshoped the characters from Mystery Science Theatre into the foreground of this photo of BP command center. What a hoot! I really did laugh out loud even though I was by myself. Here is the Wikipedia link to Mystery Science Theater 3000

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