Thursday, July 15, 2010

Brain Wash

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We need to start asking ourselves how we know what we know. This morning I awoke to NPR's cheery reporters reporting that the latest cap on the oil rupture in The Gulf Of Mexico was and is leaking, with much positive assurances (and peppy voices) that it is being fixed and that everything is gonna be alright. I actually know a woman who is so out of it that she doesn't know there is a oil rupture in The Gulf Of Mexico that is seemingly unstoppable. I am not kidding you. This woman is walking around in our world (this Country) and doesn't know that this grand poisoning of our planet is occurring! I carefully explained my reference to her and her comment to me was "There is more than one Gulf Concha" which was her response and defense to me referring to this disaster as "The Gulf". I know people that live inside of "cults" and do not listen to any sort of media like TV or Radio. They don't read the newspapers and they get their news from the leader of their church or cult programmer. Still though, any good cult leader or preacher wouldn't pass up a genuine opportunity to use The Gulf Disaster as an example of end times...or "end of days". I honestly do not know this morning who is the better for knowing what I know, or her not knowing what I know. I have always thought and said "After you know what you know? One thing to question is: do we really want someone running our Country that believes we are already in end times? I have encountered the "it's all gonna burn" attitude from Evangelical Christians all my life. It was key in me choosing a environmentally based religion. I believe that the careless disregard for the environmental footprint of man is possibly the most dangerous belief I have ever encountered. These same "end times" believers breed like there is no tomorrow.

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