Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Camera

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Recently, I purchased a new camera. I was not happy with the camera that I was using because it had a defective battery door and it was a "made in China Nikon"...which should be against the law or something drastic. When I went to college in the 70's and early 80's Nikon was one of the best cameras in the world. If a person could take a German lens and mount it on a Japanese Nikon camera body, they would have the best camera in the world...BACK THEN. Now days it is hard to know a good camera from a poor one. I had said I would write a review on my new Kodak Easy Share after I have used it for awhile. For starters it feels and weighs just like a pack of cigarettes. I quit smoking two and a half years ago and always have felt a loss of not having something in my breast pocket to replace them with. This camera fills that bill perfectly. A non smoker would never understand the need to replace the loss of something they had for 29 years. My Nikon from China only had 5 megapixels and this Kodak claims to have 10.2 megapixels. Supposedly that leads to higher resolution. I am not seeing that difference just yet. I do miss not being able to use the camera wizard. The new Kodak came with software that is Kodaks version of downloading pictures. Camera wizard was easy to use and the pictures were not put in a seperate folder. I tried removing the Kodak software from my computer yesterday. My pictures wouldn't download at all. So unless I learn any different I will be using the software to get my pictures out of the camera and onto the computer. I will not be using the software for editing. I found that the picture cropping feature wouldn't play nice with me. I don't want some machine selecting for me what my one good eye can plainly see. There are some symbols on my camera that I can't figure out what they mean. It seems that the world is making us choose cartoons over other definitions. So I get infuriated when someone has to tell me the symbol on my camera is a mountain. So what?....There are no mountains in Ohio and using a mountain as a universal symbol for distance setting seems to cheapen the overall experience of taking a picture. I have a lot to learn about my camera. Too bad the owners manual isn't a little more detailed. I am just glad it doesn't talk to me or something weird that would scare me and make me drop it. I promise to write more when I know more about my new camera. I think for the sake of this blog it is a good thing that I have such a devise in my breast pocket instead of a pack of Salem.
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Gail said...

Yes, the mountain is for a distant shot, the flower is for close up shots, and the little running man is for action/motion shots. It can be confusing until learned. Its like learning to type, the keys are not in the right order, but after memorizing their placement it goes fast. 10 megapixels is good, we only had 2mp for a long time. You should see the difference if getting them printed on hard copy at Walgreens or Walmart type stores. Good shooting with the new toy!