Sunday, July 4, 2010

Gifts From Gail

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I met a new friend when I visited The Governors Mansion last Sunday. She has a website called Gifts From Gail. I didn't know that Gail followed my blog until I looked closely at hers. She and I have many common interests. She likes only one soap opera...and it is the only soap opera I have ever watched. Although I haven't seen The Days Of Our Lives in 5 years, I am sure in just one hour I could catch up on what has been happening the whole time I have been gone (we don't have a TV). Gail has a "bucket list". I have had a bucket list for a long time. I highly recommend a bucket list to everyone. It sort of goes along with being totally present in this space and this time. Gail is very patriotic from what I can tell. A true patriot is probably somewhat alarmed lately by the politics of our time. Perhaps had we not been at a political event last Sunday, she and I might share some of our concerns about where things are headed. Gail has an interest in Photography. She has a knack for it and she helped me get some prize photos and The Governors signature that I would not have gotten without her persistence and strategic placement in line! I minored in Photography in College. I consider it (the camera) representing my missing eye. Most folks don't know I am blind in my left eye, so it goes without saying that most folks wouldn't understand my need to capture images constantly in order to take my time processing what I believe I am seeing with my right eye. I will be following Gifts From Gail along with Aunt Sue's News in the coming months as we face the twilight of the industrial age. I know that between the two of them I will glean what I need to know in order to help out with the upcoming elections. I am frightened that John Kasich (formerly with Goldman Sachs) could actually be a serious contender to Ted Stricklands office of Governor. He spends far too much time on the golf course and he refused to disclose his tax return. That is enough to scare anyone away from voting for him....but I suspect that Kasich has a few tricks up his deceptive sleeve. We must all be vigilant. Independence Day can best be celebrated by turning our thoughts to the future of this country and buying American made goods.
We need to stop buying things made in China! Every time you buy something made somewhere else, you are keeping someone in America out of work. Happy 4th of July folks. Be grateful for this Democracy and for people like Gail who are patriotic every day of the year.

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Gail said...

Concha, thank you so much for the kind words, and "plug for my blog." I appreciate it, and meeting new friends like you. May our camera lens' be our eyes to the world, that we may share our visions with others.