Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Next Up... With A Deadline

My next painting deadline is November 5th for the VSA show.  I started putting in the Columbus Ohio skyline yesterday afternoon.  There is still a lot of tweaking to do in this painting...and of course the unexpected.  Yesterday, was the unexpected, as I had not planned on putting Columbus on the horizon line.  But, here it is in spite of what I thought before.  There is a spot on I 70 around a sharp bend in the freeway where Columbus first becomes visible.  I have marveled at that view for years as I first commuted to the Cultural Arts Center for my assistant post, and then moved to Columbus.  I noticed yesterday while I was googling images that the view from I 70 is absent.  It is no wonder.  The spot is so precarious, and turns into another sharp bend within a couple seconds, that it would be next to impossible to take a photo.  Still though, it gladdens my heart each time I see it.  And each time, the skyline seems a different color depending on the weather and atmosphere.  I am not finished yet dearest readership.  Somehow I want to convey a sad idea about capitalism.  My friend John says "Capitalism is violent, evil, and seamless".  I know what he means, but conveying it is another matter all together.

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