Monday, October 13, 2014

Hittin The Ground Runnin!

This very well might be a photoshop of the American Gothic house from Grant Woods famous painting.  I confess to being negligent on my research.  This week I did a bead demo at the local library and bead exchange.  I was happy that 7 people poked their head into room B and that the Christian Right didn't show up to try and derail my efforts.  I would call that a success.  Plaster molds are poured and setting up for the kids to carve next art class.  I am free to plunge into my painting projects.  I made something for Katie Belle this week and will be anxious to get that into the mail to her.  Her music remains inspirational to the creative process.

Perhaps this photo above is the state that the model farm for American Gothic was in during the 70's.  It wouldn't surprise me.  When I get a little time for research, I will find out.  In the meantime...true or not this is as good of an image for what I am aiming for as any.  I did miss drumming yesterday as I need the gasoline that is my truck for just everyday running around.  Fox news is happy to blame Obama for every little hang nail that comes up.  Wonder if they noticed that gas came down below $3 during his second term?

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