Sunday, October 5, 2014

Framing Coming Up Next

EIEIO is finished enough that I need to start looking around for some framing material.  I can't enter it into the upcoming VSA show without a frame.  Of course store bought frames are out of my reach.  Wish I had a buyer.  The entry fee to apply for this upcoming opportunity is equally problematic.  I keep telling myself to just keep working...the frame will appear...the entry money will be provided.  If I didn't think like that I just would need to stop working.  I have to remember that the reason I paint is to decorate my own domain.  These art shows and competitions are relatively new on my radar.  I am running out of red, yellow, green, and blue paint.  I am not even mixing colors at this point.  I work right out of the empty tubes.  This paint that I am using were all given to me by other artists, otherwise I wouldn't be a painter.  
My metal shop is all but shut down right now for lack of simple things like solder and flux, as well as silver.  I tell myself that if I sell one of my new paintings I can go replace the paint and get the supplies I need to start back up with metal projects.  I need a buyer for both of my new paintings.
Today, I will be deteriorating my old farm house, and bringing my trees to life.

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