Sunday, October 26, 2014

Late Day Blog

One of my favorite Newark Ohio murals is this one that almost vanishes into the background landscape.  The further you get away from it, the more it becomes part of the landscape.  I took the afternoon off from my painting project to snap some pictures of my downtown before the leaves are all gone.

I think I am down to the wire on my own painting EIEIO, and I just have no idea how to finish it up.  It doesn't feel quite done, but it is close.  There is an outside chance that I can get it done in time to enter it in this years VSA show, but my guitar is in hock, utilities up....It is just too close to call at this point.  One thing is for sure, I am not gonna lose my guitar in favor of getting entry money.   Those are the hard choices I have to make everyday.  I am living in a continuous state of collapse.  My guess is that the middle class will feel this same way soon.  Be grateful dear readership for what you have, and try not to waste anything! 

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