Thursday, October 2, 2014

Acceptable Skyline Picture For Painting

Google Images has loads of Columbus Skyline photos of the capital city.  Trouble is, they are almost all of them picture perfect...almost quaint and from 3 other directions.  After an hour of examining these photos I determined that there is not a photo from the angle of the city that I desire for my painting...except one.  This top photo is the closest thing to the shot I would make of the skyline if I could be a passenger instead of the driver.  For years I have contemplated the impossibility of the shot.  I always assumed because I only have one eye, that risking taking that eye off the road for even a millisecond is careless, and would jeopardize any one on the road with me.  I am surprised that a two eyed person hasn't taken the shot.  The top shot is almost the one.  It is the second time from the east that we see Columbus skyline.  The first opportunity and glimpse of the city comes a couple miles earlier on a hair pin turn, followed by another sharp turn.  You only see Columbus for a second or two...not long enough to take the shot safely.  This photo will have to do until I can figure out a way to take that shot and add it to the hundreds of other Columbus skyline photos on google.  I need a good driver that can accommodate my photo instincts.  If I had a tripod, I might try mounting the camera on the dashboard and take my chances.  There is not time in those two hair pin turns to take more than one shot....and it is several miles to the exit that could swing around to try again.  It is a good feeling when I see that glorious skyline.  My heart always quickens and I know I must smile.  Us crazy artists smile at the darnedest things.

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