Monday, October 6, 2014

Half Of A Frame!

Replacement windows at a neighbors house resulted in the old windows and screens being put to the curb.  These particular ones are maple, with real brass screen.  Some of the brass hardware is still in tact, so this sort of thing is irresistible to me as my canvas, paint, and now frame are all recycled.  I am constantly on the lookout for this type material, and the stuff to make it work.  A piece of that brass screen ended up being cut into one of the bow ties on my metal quilt.  Nylon screen would probably not have worked as it doesn't hold its shape, and would not cut nicely.  I had two maple pieces left over from my Old School painting which was not enough to frame EIEIO.  There is a couple little surprises I have to put into this painting before starting in on the frame, but I am relieved that I won't have to dumpster dive to find it when I am running out of time.  Art class with the kids today, so I probably won't get back to this until tomorrow or the next day.
The maple recycled window frame was perfect for the old schoolhouse painting.  I even left the crystal knobs in place:)

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