Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hard At Work or Hardly Working

Now that I have constructed my frame, I can concentrate on getting the hardware for it and coordinating the colors to finish EIEIO.  I am seriously low on paint, and it is not clear that I can get any in time for the deadline for  this years VSA show and tour.  No word yet on The Ohio Online Visual Artist Registry show.  Will I know in time, to enter Old School for VSA if it doesn't make the cut for the registry show?  Tune in dear readership the suspense gathers as I am working hard and hardly working.  These are seasonal paintings, so if the deadline passes, I can imagine I will want to work on this next September?  It is a win win situation as I get to decorate my walls for another year and possibly make some sales to private individuals.  When I run out of paint, I get to move on to whatever I have the supplies to do.  If I don't have supplies, there is always writing to get back to.  After filling out my absentee ballot the other day I felt confident that my oppressors didn't do anything to me that I can not retaliate against....in ways they were not intending:)

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