Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hate Mail Comming At Me

Not surprising the Christian Right has weighed in on my new painting EIEIO.  LOL, I should have been expecting them.  This time it came in the form of emails and the person impersonating one of my favorite librarians.  So here is my message to the Christian Right who are usually wrong.  I must be doing my job well if you hate my painting because of course hypocrites would be threatened.  I will be alerting the librarian that you impersonated today, and who knows maybe our rinky dink police department may go after the offender.  Run little fake ups.  Tricks are for kids.

These so called Christians have been following me around since my early adulthood.  I have only ever had any reprieve from them the 8 years I lived in Clintonville.  It is no wonder that I want to move back there.  I want to be surrounded by progressive thinkers.....not Christian stinkers:)  And for the record dearest readers they are harmful.  They are every bit as harmful as Ebola or ISIS.  Their rigid thinking is exactly the same fanaticism that we are witnessing in the beheadings in the Middle East.  The Christian mentality that I grew up around is identical...convert them, or kill them.  Don't let them convince you otherwise.  Any heaven that they are in is a heaven that I wouldn't want to share space with them in.  Their heaven isn't big enough for me and them LOL!  I take it as a compliment that they hate my new painting.....and I am not even finished yet!

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