Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Frack Granville First

My painting EIEIO is almost finished in terms of placement of objects and subjects.  Since my hate mail, and pondering the lengths that the Christian Right Wing-nuts are willing to go to....I do a lot of joking in private.  This morning the joke came to me that since the wing nuts all seem to be associated with Granville Ohio and 2 baptist churches that want to harm me, I should seriously start making fun of them.  I should give them a true reason to persecute me rather than whatever frightening reason they think they should.  Perhaps I should paint in a billboard  in EIEIO to honor them and their fear of me.  What would it read....let me count the phrases?  My favorite is Frack Granville First.  Granville has always had water problems and issues.  If fracking is perfectly safe...start in the homeland of greed.  It is not likely these folks would want to jeopardize their own water supply, but they wouldn't think twice about coming to your area and fracking up your environment and your water supply.
I am doing a bead exchange at the local library tomorrow 3-6.  I will also be doing a demo using my feathers, and a matching beaded necklace.  I expect trouble from the right wingers.  I am ready for them and how ever many of them decide to derail my good intentions.  They can't get to me in my own home these days as I ran off their last ditch effort in July....after a stupid hurtful remark.  I am tolerant, but I will only take so much....and certainly not in my own home.  They will have to resort to publicly humiliating me....and bullying through hate-mail.

In June a woman from their church wrote to me and told me she was the evil in my painting.  I was working on 4 paintings at the time, and I hadn't gotten around to painting in evil just I admit I was confused by her remark.  3 and a half months later, I wonder if she was not taking exception to my McDonalds sign???? How could I ever know?  I would have to try to think in a convoluted way in order to know what she meant.  One thing for sure though after the new person who impersonated a librarian in order to get her hate messages through.....I will be putting evil or a representation of the very evil they are in this painting.  The only thing they have managed to do is refine my ideas.  As my friend John says "Capitalism is violent, evil, and seamless".  I will aim to convey that....and if I piss off a few Right Wingnuts on the way....more power to me.

  Come out in droves to my my bead demo and exchange.  But you won't will you as you have to operate behind the scenes?  The only way you are gonna be able to exploit more people and land is to deceive them.  So,,,,,who is the deceiver....and where is that church of the deceivers....proly Granville?  So lets Frack Granville First....before we frack anyplace else.  If it is safe, then by all means after time tested scientific experiments....go on to the next community.  Imagine a billboard in my painting that says Frack Granville First.  Don't worry Granville wing nuts, by tomorrow another evil idea will have popped into my head.  Your deceptions are safe with me... for now.

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