Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Backdrop For Syd

Syd is happy to pose in front of anything I may be working on.  He is the perfect cat for an artist.  Syd is around 12 years old.  I mark the time from Hurricane Katrina.  It is the only time he and I have been separated.  I left that year on September 11th and returned some 10 days later before Hurricane Rita and Wilma came on the scene.  When I got home from that excursion my kitten did not recognize me.  Since that time we have moved 5 times if you count the 10 days at the Starlite Motel.  Cats do not like upheaval.  He isn't too friendly to strangers, and it has taken a couple years for him to allow my friends to pet him.  I worry about him during Halloween season as he doesn't know he is a black cat.  Humans can be cruel and I hope that his caution around people will keep him safe.  He looks good in front of any backdrop:) 

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