Saturday, November 16, 2013

Waiting For Saw Blades

I am waiting for some #5 saw blades and anticipating a visit from Grandmother Crandell, Cherokee elder who will be visiting my home soon.  I purchased a piece of back-up steel, have a freecycle lead on some used engine oil, and am getting ready to temper Brian's blade.  So much to do in preparation for Grandmothers visit, and tempering the blade.
I make mistakes when I hurry, so I am trying to pause and get all my ducks lined up before acting.  Who knows maybe someone handy with a camera will show up and photograph the birth of the new blade.
The photo of this blog is from the University Of Cincinatti.  It is a simulation of the astrological aspects of our local mounds.  I look forward to questioning Grandmother as to what she believes the mounds represent....I have had my fill of aroagant archaelogist's explanations.  Perhaps they should have formulated their opinions before robbing the graves of my ancestors.  They probably removed the most valuable of the clues!  Someone should be keeping track of how often they have been proven to be wrong...the whole Bering Strait theory for example, would be probable...if they had ever found one bone or artifact there LOL!  Anyone can form a theory.  Whole cultures were named after the anglosaxon who owned the property.  So we have the Hopewell, named after Mr. Hopewell who happened to own the land where they found the Hopewell symbol.  Somehow they named the aligator mound because a few aligator teeth were uncovered at the site.....but the mound looks nothing like an does look like a possum though!  If it were not so sad, it would be comical!

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